Still I am here


I have fought battles of which no one will ever hear
Gave up on dreams whose future I will never know
Seen the decades come and go
Still I am here

I have seen the advances of the ages
Countries rise up only to fall
Even the bringing down of the Berlin wall
Still I am here looking for wisdom from the sages

I have seen young and old shake and tremble in fear
Created memories that have faded off never to last
Seen the here and now disappear into the past
Still I am here

I have lived to see my heroes shine bright and die
Watched as their stars burned then was lost
Seen others give up unable to handle the cost
Still I am here looking to the sky

I have seen horrors and joys from far and near
Friends and family that move to find their own special place
Tears of joy and sadness that will run down their face
Still I am here

Farming for Azure Whelpling in WoW

Target Monster – All                   Time – 1 hour 45 mins

Area – Winterspring

Repair costs – 20 silver

Junk items sold – 34 gold                                        Gold Earned – 34 (Potential for 881)

Items put on Auction House buy out prices shown:

4 Warbear Leather -85 gold

115 Rugged Leather – 325 gold

48 Thorium Ore – 187 gold

1 Arcane Crystal – 119 gold

6 Trusilver Ore- 83 gold

29 Bear Flank – 42 gold

1 Huge Emerald 40 gold

Farming for Emerald Whelpling WoW

Target Monster – Noxious Whelp                    Looted – 229 times              Time – 1 hour 15 mins

Area – Feralas, Ruins of Ravenwind to Jademir Lake

Repair costs – 13 silver

Junk items sold – 15 gold                                        Gold Earned – 15 (Potential for 998)

Items put on Auction House buy out prices shown:

128 Hvy Leather – 499 gold

117 Medium Leather – 422 gold

33 Iron Ore – 55 gold

2 Silver Ore – 16 gold

2 Citrine – 7 gold

43 Hvy Stone – 18 gold

Lost to Love

She can tell you that everything is just ok
You can listen to every word she will say
Jump at the sound every time she sighs
Never a care until you see the smile leave her eyes

Ready to charge and fight each and every fire
Give to her all that her heart desires
Tell her you love her every single wonderful day
Try to show you love in each and every way

What happens when she says you are through
As she leaves you behind what will you do
Watching her go as you fall apart and cry
Making a choice to gone on and live or die

Some are crushed never to come back and are lost
For their love they will pay the ultimate cost
Giving up on who they are and all they will ever be
To forever end the pain and hurt they will flee

Giving up all hope of ever finding another one so true
All they see is sadness and stay so blue
They find solace in their eternal rest
Forever gone lost never again to face love’s test.



Little princess taught and trained to prepare her for life
Never explained though about her inner turmoil and strife
Struggling to understand all her fantasies and desires
All the fuels that seem to ignite her inner feelings and fires

A longing deep inside to explore and break free
To find the person her hear tells her she must be
Hiding the truth from all those who hold her chains
Always wondering if she drops the fake shell what remains

Looking to explore deep inside and discover the truth
Shaking off the ignorance and boundaries of her youth
Turning slowly discovering that the walls are breaking apart
Knowing that she must soon follow her heart

Nervous and scared about the truth of what it reveals to all
Seeking to hide it all and stay safe behind her wall
Slowly the wall is coming down the cracks beginning to show
All the while she tried to fight knowing eventually the wall must go.

The Pond

The Pond


As a child to my favorite spot at the pond I would wander
Boyhood dreams and fantasies to ponder
A gallant knight from the days of olde
A dashing brigand out to steal all the gold

Traveling far far away out into space
Always off for adventure roaming from place to place
Dreams in my head of glory, fortune and fame
The winning player no matter what the game

Exploring the world and all it offers
All the while filling my coffers
Doing good deeds and saving those in distress
Always making things better cleaning up any mess

The memories and dreams the pond and I had
Always faithful making good days out of the bad
Always longing to be next to its shore
So wishing and wanting those days more

Those were the days filled with hope and dreams
So So far away from the now they seem
If going back to those days I could
It helped me so much then I wonder if it still would.